Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cow Waterbeds, Explosions, and Specimen Cups

Folks used to sit on the porch shootin’ the breeze. For many now, the porch is a cubicle and the breeze is digital. These are a few of the stories floating around our cyber porch today.

Bovine Waterbeds: These Ohio dairy cows get to sleep on 14 gallons of water covered with a tough rubber exterior. And in this blog, we get a closer look at Cows, Waterbeds, and Bovine Sleeping Habits.

Bovine Emissions: According to police, methane gas from a herd of flatulent cows caused an explosion in a German dairy shed. The roof was damaged and one of the ninety cows was injured. Click here for a deeper look at Bovine Emissions, Ag Research, and Bossy the Flatulent Cow 

Hold Still and Pee, Please:  Cows at a stock show in Colorado were greeted by 15 veterinary students from Colorado State University. They held sample cups under the animals to gather testing specimens. As one student said, "It's a game of luck, but there's no way to make the animals pee on demand."

by dan gogerty (photo from

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