Monday, March 21, 2016

GMO Labeling Bill in the Twilight Zone

A bill that would preempt state GMO-labeling laws failed last week in the Senate. Unless a compromise emerges in the next few months--or a judge steps in--a national precedent will be established in July when Vermont's labeling law takes effect. 

Latest News:  According to a story in AgriPulse, "With lawmakers struggling to agree on national GMO disclosure standards, General Mills Inc. announced that it will start labeling its products for biotech ingredients as required by a Vermont law set to take effect this summer. The General Mills announcement follows a similar decision by Campbell Soup Co in January."  

Stakes are high and viewpoints are diverse. These five links might give some insights into the overall situation:
**This article provides a general overview of the labeling controversy. 

**This article indicates there is a possible compromise that could work for all interested parties.
**This article claims labels are pointless and expensive.  
**This article says the Senate did the right thing by blocking a bill that would hinder transparency.
**This article satirizes surveys, as a recent poll shows that 80% of Americans support "mandatory labels on foods  containing DNA."  

Note: For additional background information, click here for the CAST Issue Paper Process Labeling of Food: Consumer Behavior, the Agricultural Sector, and Policy Recommendations.   

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